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the method

Our working method represents the key to the success of consultancy projects in industrial and product design. Through a combination of analysis, design and optimization, we ensure innovative and sustainable results for our clients.


Our philosophy is based on constant collaboration with the customer, users and partners of our network, in order to develop solutions that meet the needs of the market and individual projects.

Our method is essentially based on 3 phases that the customer can choose to use according to his needs, from the exploratory concept to the finished product.




In the first phase of the project, we pay the utmost attention to the needs of the customer and to the reference market. We carry out a detailed analysis of the information collected through meetings with the customer, technicians and users of the product.Based on this information, we create data concept design that take into account the external and internal dimensions, of the materials (CMF extension) and of the production technologies available, in order to propose innovative and feasible solutions.

• Technical kick-off

• Competitor analysis

• Study of the current product

• Meeting with fitters and users

• Design exploration

• Definition of the proposals

• Progress meetings




After selecting the best ideas, let's move on to 3D design of the selected models (pre-engineering), with a focus on volumes, access points, maintenance and ergonomics of the operator. We make virtual prototypes which we analyze together with the engineering team and the customer to select the best product to bring to development.

• Design adaptation and improvement

• Meeting with fitters/users

• 3D modeling

• Progress meetings

• Processing realistic images 




We optimize the design according to production technologies to ensure the quality of the final product, involving in the process of definitionproviders and partner of our network.

The optimization of the design includes the updating of the 3D model and a Art direction which aims to balance the economic aspect and functional of the project, while maintaining the perceived quality, comparing ourselves with industry experts, suppliers and technicians.

• Meeting cono engineers

• Definition of the bodywork through modelling 3D

• Engineering assistance

• Search for suppliers


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