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PRODUCT design consulting

The machinery and automation market, in industry and in the pharmaceutical sector, has been growing for years and it is increasingly difficult to have a product that can stand out on the market. We design sheet metal products, creating innovative, unique and achievable bodies.

Our method is essentially based on 3 steps that can be unlocked by the customer at any time:




The project starts from the analysis of the user's needs and the positioning of the same in the market, in order to start with the design concepts taking into account the external and internal dimensions, materials (CMF) and  production technologies.

• Technical kick off

• Competitor analysis

• Study of the current product

• Meeting with fitters / users

• Design exploration

• Definition of proposals

• Progress meeting




After the choice of the best concept products, we continue with the 3d design of the chosen models (pre- engineering ).

This is done through a more in-depth study of dimensions, access points and more generally of operator ergonomics.

Real virtual prototypes to be analyzed with the engineering team and with the customer, in order to select the product to bring to prototyping.

• Technical kick off

• Adaptation and improvement
  of design

• Meeting with fitters / users

• 3D modeling

• Progress meeting

• Realistic image processing 




Among our ropes, if the customer asks for it, we have an important network of production partners with whom to carry on the development of the bodywork, paying attention to stay within the budget without giving up the aesthetic-functional characterizations of the project.

Optimization activities that include updates of the 3d model, but above all a painstaking Art Direction with suppliers and possible internal customer team.

• Meeting with engineers

• Definition of the bodywork

• Engineering assistance

• Search for suppliers


Do you want to collaborate on a new project?

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